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Haiti Gospel Mission was established in 1974. The main focus was for several like minded people getting together to bring Christ to Haiti.

     Churches were built, the Word of God was preached and relationships were started.

     The goal has always been, and is to this day, to reach lost people for Christ. The Word of God has been preached and shared in many places, many times since the mission started all those years ago.

     Our mission has 3 churches, where God is moving and blessing.  New converts are being taught the fundamentals of Faith and our youth, men and womens groups are developing to challenge our members to be fully commited to Christ.

     Outreach is a big part of our ministry here. Evangelization to local and rural areas, and home bible studies are always a focus of our mission and church people.

      We have one fully functioning Clinic, which provides quality healthcare to the community, treating problems such as malaria, typhoid, and malnutrition. The clinic has special programs such as HIV, Prenatel/OBGYN, malnutrition, community health as well as mobile clinics to remote areas.

     We also have schools which are providing a good christian education for the poor. Since the Hess family came to live full time in Haiti in 2007, our Despinos school  is now become a fully licensed elementary school. Our teachers are doing a fantastic job teaching our kids the required material, but they have the freedom to present the Gospel to them as well.

     Our Goal is to Share Christ, and God has opened doors for us to do this through our church, school and clinic. We also have some out station churches that we work with in order to minister in different areas outside of Despinos.

     Meeting the physical needs of the people often opens up opportunities for us to share the love of Christ. Open air ministry, childrens services, door to door witnessing, showing the Jesus film, and many other ways of reaching out, has allowed us to introduce Jesus Christ, fo some, for this first time. New programs for the Clinic and School are being developed, all with the main purpose of speading the Gospel. We have also been priviledged enough to build homes for people, help develop our run down school building, and build up a new church for one of out station churches.

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