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Send a Child to School for only $100. This pays for the child's School books, uniform and tuition for 1 year. 



Over the years HGM has had many visitors for varying amounts of time. Some have come for a year, a month, and some have come for as little as a week or two. This is not a small decision and should prayerfully and thoughtfully considered. If this is something you would consider, please contact us and we will supply you with a packet of information that will help you in this decision. Coming to Haiti for any length of time will undoubtedly  change your view on life forever.


Help our school advance. Supporting one of our teachers allows us to free up funds for school trips, library books, class materials, posters and educational supplies that help our school provide a better education environment.

Preschool Teachers: $120 a Month

Kindergarten: $60 a month

1st -5th grade: $60 a month

6th grade: $117 a month

7th grade:$500

Even a one time gift will make a positive impact for our Mission schools


Donate to HGM and 100% of the funds go towards supporting each ministry.


  • Medical Missions

  • Education

  • Church and Youth Ministries

  • Orphan Ministries


For any questions or concerned, please get in touch with us. Check out our contact page to find out more.

Monthly support is so vital to our ministry in Haiti. Having the funds needed to keep each ministry going  allows us to continue the mission of spreading the Gospel in Haiti, whether through medical, educational, or social means. No amount is to small. We are a Recognized 501C-3 Non-Profit-Organization. WE send your total donations  to the mission at the beginning of each year for tax purposes, if desired.

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