Surgical Suite:

Our rooms are put together. We are working on getting the surgical equipment we need for our doctor. With this equipment, Dr. Paul would be able to preform minor surgery and also C-Section births. Please pray for us and consider what you can give toward this great opportunity.


New Power supply for Clinic


Clinic power supply

After several years of using a 8000w gas generator, Our church family in Jacksonville NC has raised funds to put in a solar power system. That is a great need to reduce the amount of clinic funds that are used of fuel. We are working towards this goal. We hope to have this project finished by the end of this year

Church Repairs

With the success of the renovation on our school this year, we now look to our church. The roof is in fairly good condition at this point, but we are needing to replace our end wall with new material as it is damaged for years of wear and tear. We are also wanting to renovate the side room off the church because it is leaking and we need better conditions for storing our instruments. We have a plan set for making the most of our podium and also a plan for a proper sound system that is stable. Our current system has to constantly be moved and this is wearing out the system.

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