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Hess Happenings in Haiti


Hello friends and Family! It has been quite a while since there has been an update for you all, we are trying to do better! Where do we start! We had a lot of summer activities, two vacation bible schools with over 250 in each, youth retreat at our leogane church in August, (both went awesome by the way!!) Our annual convention was in August, all the churches came in, our school opened in sept with 130 students! This yr we opened a library!! Books in creole, French and English! The kids and teachers were so excited! Our childrens church was officially completed in sept- painted, decorated and a total answer to prayer for our childrens ministries!

Our clinic addition started in Aug, which will include a delivery/ recovery room for our pregnant women, administration office, and break room for our nurses! This has been a long time coming and we are so excited! All the funds have come in for this project, however we are making very slow progress, due to rain and hurricaines.

That brings us to hurricaine matthew, not a name we like to hear in Haiti! Although, we suffered no real damage in our town or surrounding town, many others were complety wiped out. People who already had so little, now have nothing. Most of them lost there little homes, their livestock and gardens. We have a church in the mountains where a lot of our people lost there entire harvest, and some members out by the ocean that lost everything. Anyone wanting to help a family rebuild or begin there gardens again, please message me here or on my facebook page for more info.

Wow!! Lots of info to get in here! Please check out some of the pics! Please continue to keep us in your prayers and especially those so devastated by the hurricaine. Until next time!!

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