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There's Still Power in the Blood

The mission moto is "Passionately Proclaiming Christ in Haiti". It is not just a saying but a way of ministry that we strive to live by. While there are projects to be done, mobile clinics, and school programs, we want to see as many people come to Christ or at least hear the Message of the Gospel, as possible. We don't claim to have to corner on outreach or evangelization, but we do know God is backing our efforts.

The early church was established by the apostles going out on "mission trips" and establishing the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ anywhere the went. To that end, HGM wants to reach out to more than just people excepting a visit to our church, we are going out into our local communities, and starting bible studies. If the people wont , or cannot come to us, we are going to them . Please pray for us as we continue following the model set forth by the earliest Christian missionaries.

Her are some pictures of the current bible studies. We are getting our teens involved in inviting people and while these bible studies are going on, we have an evangelism team witnessing to more people in the area

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