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Haiti needs God

Its in the darkness that light shines brightest. As many of you may or may not know, the Country of Haiti i s under serious political strain right now. Because of this, since July of last year, there have been protests that have gotten worse as time goes on. It is a dangerous situation for the people of Haiti and those who are working there to help and to bring the message of Christ to the people.

We hope that you will pray for Haiti. There is no easy solution and the more time that passes, the more dangerous it gets for the people, their businesses and their well being in general. President Moise has stated over and over, that he will not step down. With each announcement like this, it seems the protests get worse.

With all of this in mind, the mission continues. Now, more that ever, we need to let people know of the love Christ has for them and that He can change their life forever if they will turn everything over to Him. It was in a jail cell that Paul and Silas sang to God. The jailer was saved from ending his own life because these men never gave up on the Love and Grace God had shown them. God is still working. What is happening in Haiti right now, is easy to identify. Satan has controlled the nation since its very beginning. Knowing this, we know how to respond. We need to pray, we need to seek God's will in all of this and look for opportunities to reach the lost.

It's the beginning of the holiday season! A time where we give thanks for our many blessings and prepare to celebrate the birth of our Lord. I have mixed emotions about the holidays, while I am grateful for all I have been blessed with,y heart is very heavy for our Haitian families. We have not been able to get back due to the violence and unrest, therefore will not be able to plan our normal Christmas festivities for our staff and friends. The prices have sky rocketed, those that were already suffering are now in a very bad way. We typically have a Christmas celebration with food and gifts for our Haitian staff, however this year we feel they are struggling just to survive. We would like to give each one a gift of $50 min. We have 28 staff members between our clinic/school/church. We are looking for sponsors for all of them. Can you help? For every person who sponsors $50 we will send you a HGM bag as a thank you!! If you can help, pm me!! We need to get this money in by Dec 20.

Thanks again, to all of you and may God bless you in the holiday time. Continue to pray for Haiti.

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