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I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.

Living in Haiti, you learn really quickly, The people there are resilient. With gangs almost running the country right now, many missionaries and organizations pulling out, and with prices up almost 500% from what it was even 3 years ago, the people press on. It is a sad thing for April and Joel to be in the states right now. Their hearts, and that of their kids, are in Haiti.

The work continues with all of this going on. April is in communication with the Clinic on a daily basis almost. Equipment is being bought, projects are being done to improve the clinic, and we are working to improve our situation at the Church and Clinic. We are in uncharted territory at this point. We are wanting to get back to Haiti as soon as possibility, but for now, we are relying on the people we worked with and trained while we were in country.

the church is doing well under Pastor Kenan. Baptisms and weekly meetings are still going on.

We need your prayer. Just recently, April posted a video on Facebook, It shows a school hallway where all the children are n the floor, and there is gun fire. Its hard to imagine a war zone right outside a school with children in it, trying to learn.

Please continue praying and consider what you can do to help financially. Funds are going towards meals for our local people and people in the mountains who are literally starving. We need your help. Contact us, us the PayPal option on our page. What ever you might do, will help these resilient people continue on until a good change comes to the country.

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