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Urgent Needs!!!

Praise the Lord we have Batteries and Solar Panels.

The current need for the Mission is our

General Fund.

This pays for our teachers, and Clinic employees including Nurses and Doctors. Without these funds we cannot pay our teachers and keep the school open. We also will not be able to keep the clinic. These 2 extensions of HGM. We serve almost 200 kids in our school and the community and beyond find quality service in our clinic including the prenatal program and Senior Citizens program. We need your help. HGM monthly budget is about $2700. We struggle each month to make this goal.

If you would consider pledging $50 or $100 a month, this would help our general fund make budget and help keep our clinic and School open.

Please contact

Joel 681-368-3009


April  304-202-1251

Donation Jar

Haiti is Experiencing a lot of Kidnapping right now and there have even been Americans taken, So far they have all been returned but the danger is very real. Please pray for Haiti and all the Missionaries working there.

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