What's HGM Up To Now?


Congratulations to our dear friend, Pastor Elison! Just graduated from law school. We are proud of you, it is quite an accomplishment to run things around the mission and find the time to study for law school and your masters degree!! We love and appreciate you! Congratulations to our friend Pastor Kenan Toussaint! A faithful friend to HGM!

Because if the Riots in Haiti, all schools are shut down for the first part of this year. With much prayer, we hope to reopen this January, but the delay will effect the rest of the year. The will be no breaks or summer vacation, witch intern means the VBS this year will have to condensed. 

There is still much work to be done in the school. To date, we are still needing to wire up the classrooms for lights and outlets. At some point we would like to get rotating fans and get a  laptop for each class.

The library is in good shape and we are still feeding the students twice a week. While the first part of schools was closed down, we were able to get the kids in the church for a day Bible School. Thank you to all who have given towards the school and for English Church in Indianan for the food money. Please be praying for the mission school, our teachers and students, as they try to start the school year.

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