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What's HGM Up To Now?

Prenatal Program

Our Prenatal Program has around is going strong with around 80 woman enrolled. We provide excellent service for these expecting mothers. Once enrolled, they can be seen weekly if they choose and receive a ultrasound if they desire. Dr. Paul is a great OBGYN and knows each patient. 

On the last Thursday of the month, The Clinic has a program for these lady and if they are close to their due dat, they receive a "starter kit" in a bucket. Diapers, baby blankets, bottles and other necessities are provided.  


As many of you know, Haiti is a 3rd World Country. Because of this, a majority of people there do not have medical insurance or even Retirement and Medical coverage when they get older. There are men and woman the work will into their 60s and 70s just to provide for themselves and spouse. 

Because of this, and other reasons , HGM saw a need for a program to address the needs of our elderly community. Making sure they are getting regular check ups, and having the opportunity to gather together with others their age, is a way that we get to help and also minister to this group of people. 

About 3 years ago now, April decided it was time to start a program specifically geared to helping the older folks on our community. Now, each month our Veterans Program sees about 20 or so patients that come to their designated day. They get their monthly check up, vitamins, a program to help them interact with each other in song and dance and an opportunity for them to hear about Christ's love for them. 

It is a special time, and we are very thankful for what god is doing. Please pray for this program and that more would get involved. 


HGM Veterans Program

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